Bringing the freshness of the tropics right here to New Zealand with 100% pure coconut water, straight from the nut itself.


Here at cocoloco our philosophy is freshness, purity and well-being. Our aim is to get the coconut from the tree and into your hands as fast as possible.

It's no secret that coconuts are good for you, prized for their pure, sweet coconut water, and amazing health benefits. So what is it about cocoloco coconuts that makes us stand out from the rest?

We have worked hard to keep cocoloco coconuts just as mother-nature intended - what you see is what you get. We will bring you the most natural form of coconut water that is RAW and completely UNPASTURISED, meaning that the water is fully intact in terms of flavour and nutrition.

Our coconuts are picked off the tree, wrapped, packed and shipped across the ocean to you. It is not tampered with or heated and therefore tastes like coconut water should, and is packed with all the nutritional elements that make coconut water so special.

We have created a brand out of passion and a product created by nature! So if enthusiasm, freshness, well-being and taste is important to you, then get LOCO about cocoloco today.